AminaPay is our most recent innovation solution payment service that allows users to pay for the consumption of goods or services. The new platform will leverage the enhanced security features Amina Identity and Access Suite such as Multi factor (MFA) authentication and fraud detection, the Sayfr Data Security encryption capabilities with the convenience and seamless payment experience.

AminaPay is aligned with Payment Standard and will offer advanced data protection capabilities:

  • Secure, easy and seamless payments services: mobile top-up, bill paying device fingerprinting and securing the registration process
  • Simple and seamless Two Factor (2FA) and Biometric authentication
  • Payer’s smartphone secure credentials capturing
  • Credentials and transactions encrypted using industry standard asymmetric Encryption
  • Verified and securely stored transaction on a ledger database
  • Ledger-based record keeping, traceability, immutability and indelibility
  • Real time event correlation and potential fraud detection.