Today’s industrial revolution is driven not by steam engines, machine-based automation and factory systems, but by the power of cloud, mobility and machine-based analytics. Digital transformation brings digital risk, and identity risk. In today’s complex digital environment, there’s no alternative but to use identity as the basis for security. Why?

Because you need secure access everywhere because applications are everywhere—in more places than ever, in greater numbers than ever—and to grant access securely you need a verified, trusted identity.

Abicem’s comprehensive Identity Governance and Access Management platforms allow organisations of all sizes to protect their infrastructure and applications by ensuring that access is granted only to a verified identity and for the right purpose.

With Amina Identity Governance and Amina Access Manager, organisations can achieve important quick wins right away. By adopting an identity-centric security strategy and implementing the right combination of tools and processes, it is possible to enhance security, gain in agility and efficiency, further reduce risks and embrace the digital revolution.

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